Come A Little Closer by Cage The Elephant

Come A Little Closer is the teaser single for the Bowling Green, Kentucky based group’s upcoming third album Melophobia. Shifting gears quite a bit from their earlier work, Cage the Elephant has put together a much more elaborate and polished song than one would expect to hear off of either their debut album Cage the Elephant or their sophomore release, Thank you Happy Birthday. The group seems to have matured a bit from their first two albums with this track, layering on soulful, yet icy flourishes that build into a chorus that manages to remain subdued. With much more groove and low end emphasis than expected, Cage the Elephant demonstrate that they aren’t a one-trick indie/punk pony. While this track does retain more distorted guitar and vocal tracks that have become standard for this group, the heavier bassline and added keys give the song a degree of depth that accentuate the lyrical content well (even if the lyrics don’t exactly make sense). A bit of a shift in gears from a group that was getting stale. I for one am interested in seeing if Cage the Elephant have re-invented themselves on this new record, or merely put out the “most different” song as the lead single. Only time can tell.

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