It’s About Time by Young The Giant

It’s About Time is the lead single off of Young The Giant’s anticipated second album “Mind over Matter”.Although I’m a huge fan of the band’s even-keeled sound on the first record, I must say that this must more aggressive departure is very welcome.

This track bolts out of the gate with a driving alt-rock drum and bass rhythm, and exquisitely accentuated by a punchy staccato guitar line. All of which provide a galloping feel to the music. This is, until the chorus of the song kicks in and that incredibly tight guitar arpeggio rolls down like rainwater on plate glass. The use of shimmering surf rock guitar tones to soar above the earthier bass sounds gives this track a retrofitted sound that unabashedly steals from the past and twists it into something new.

Once again, lead singer Sameer Gadhia delivers an incredibly clean and crisp performance of the lyrics while retaining control over a broad spectrum of notes, again cementing his place as one of the most underrated frontmen in modern rock (in my opinion, anyway).

I’m unsure whether the rest of the album will be as much of a divergence from the band’s sound on their self-titled debut, but regardless, this is an exciting new song from a band that has a lot of potential


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