We’re All In This Together

We’re All In This Together is the latest single form Canadian rock-n-rollers The Sam Roberts Band and the lead single from an upcoming album due in the next couple of months.

I must say I like where the Sam Roberts Gang has been going musically. In this single, it is clear that the band has decided to further their musical horizons in the same jazzy vein as their last offering Collider. While the song retains that distinct Sam Roberts rock sound of power chords and organ accentuation, the addition of horns and singalong choruses give the music a bit more of a cathartic feel (something I felt was a little lacking in the groups early material). I especially liked the swung melodies in the pre-chorus that see the bass and guitar intertwining in an infectious hook that dances like a flame in the wind.

While the lyrical content is true to form for this group (ie: vaguely populist political sentiment straight from 1967 and/or a sobering amount of sadness about life’s troubles), it meshes rather nicely with the peppier sound that the boys have put together for this single.

This song, like every other single Sam Roberts and Co. have released, is edging out a respectable amount of airplay on Canadian rock radio, which makes me happy. For those of you outside Canada who have maybe not heard much of Sam Roberts/The Sam Roberts Band, I recommend exploring their back catalogue. Another solid single from a solid rock group.


The Fall by Rhye

The Fall is a single from Rhye’s 2013 debut Woman. The Canadian-Danish duo have demonstrated their artistic flair with this down-to-earth, soulful track. Blending contemporary easy-listening indie sounds with a more traditional soul rhythm, The Fall has a sultry, yet laid back feel. Using traditional instruments such as the piano, slide guitar, and a brass and string ensemble, Rhye has crafted a song that has a timeless quality that just might have more longevity than it’s computer and synth focused contemporaries. Although I’m not entirely sure whether to label this track as indie or as soul (or perhaps neo soul), it is clear to me that Rhye has written a truly exceptional easy listening song in The Fall.

The Myth of Youth by Geographer

The Myth of Youth comes to us off of Geographer’s latest album Myth. Released in February of 2012, this song demonstrates the rock side of Geographer; a band that focusses primarily on synth and computerized sounds. Here we have an excellent blend of indie rock and synth pop sounds, not dissimilar to The Shins. The group from San Francisco has a ton of talent, as made evident by this track, and are definately worth keeping an eye out for.

Hero by Family of the Year

Hero is the latest single from Los Angeles based indie group Family of the Year. This track comes from the group’s latest album Loma Vista; released last year. This track demonstrate’s the group’s folk side, with the acoustic guitar and harmonized vocals taking prevalence; and what harmonies they are too. The lyrics evoke a sense that this song was written honestly, with specific events or people in mind. The result is a song that is highly relative; describing a longing to fade away into the woodwork that most people can identify with at one point or another. The music itself is a soothing blend of instruments that create a blanket of sound that wraps around the listener, and creates an excellent low-energy atmosphere.

California by Delta Spirit

California is a single taken off of Delta Spirit’s self-titled 2012 album. The San Diego indie rockers incorporate a mix of spacey, echo-laden guitar and vocal harmonies and moderate drum and synth tempos. Although this song’s sound is what we’ve come to expect from the indie rock genre, Delta Spirit have taken the sound to heart, crafting delicate melodies and hooks; demonstrating their artistic flair. The vocal harmonies in particular fill out the song, making it immersive while retaining a degree of lightness. An easy-going, lazy day kind of song.

Tightrope by Walk The Moon

Tightrope is the title track off of Walk the Moon’s latest offering, the Tightrope EP, and is by far some of the most original music I have heard in a while. With high energy, up-tempo power pop music; Cincinnati, Ohio based Walk the Moon is an absolute blast to see live. Tightrope is typical of Walk the Moon’s growing repertoire: colourful, incredibly optimistic, and infectious. This track is also indicative of Walk the Moon’s excellent musicianship and polished songwriting capability. Making use of echo-laden guitar, unique synth tones, driving bass and powerful backbeat drumming; not to mention the sing-a-long choruses of “This heart is burnin’ up”, this group delivers an incredibly refreshing amount of originality and energy. A group that is quickly winning over many listeners, Walk the Moon is poised to do great things, and their songs are instant classics.

‘Til You Got Yours by Jane’s Party

I’ve had the fortune of seeing this group live in concert, and I must say it was worth every penny. This is Jane’s Party, a four-piece indie rock group from Toronto, Ontario. ‘Til you got yours is the newest single off of the band’s first full length album Hot Noise, which was released this week online at their website and will be available in a physical format on June 1st. Jane’s Party demonstrates their solid musicianship in this song, with a balanced sound that doesn’t favour one instrument over the others, and crystal clear vocal harmonies that accentuate the lyrics well. In addition, the group elegantly blends vintage and contemporary sound textures, mixing classic organ and bass tones with more modern guitar and vocal melodies. Jane`s Party are a must have for any self-proclaimed fan of mid-tempo rock music.