Sixpack by JEFF The Brotherhood

Firstly, apologies to any readers out there who were missing out on the music. Since I’m only one guy, the whole “blogging every day” thing isn’t always possible. But I’m back; so lets get at it:

Sixpack comes to us as the lead single off of JEFF the Brotherhood’s newest album Hypnotic Nights. Blending an infectious indie-rock melody with heavier, edgier grunge tainted guitars, JEFF the Brotherhood bring some much needed loudness to the indie genre, which in my opinion has been a little to heavy on the synth lately. Call me old fashioned.

With a chord progression that would be right at home in a Weezer song, JEFF the Brotherhood demonstrate that they aren’t afraid to utilize offbeat but effective structures in their songs. These two brothers from Nashville, Tenessee may have four studio albums and a great live records from Jack White’s Third Man Records in Nashville, but they have still been able to maintain a freshness to their sound, as demonstrated in this song.

Repetitive? Yes. Derivative? Absolutely. Unoriginal? Arguable. But it sure is a lot of mindless guitar rock fun.


Supersoaker by Kings of Leon

Supersoaker is the lead single off of Kings of Leon’s upcoming album Mechanical Bull. An upbeat, uptempo rock tune, Supersoaker hearkens back to the signature Kings of Leon sound that made us fall in love with them in the first place. Utilizing more complex melody layering and sing along choruses, the Nashville based group demonstrate that they are back and improved. This song is a great single and makes me hopeful about the new offerings that will be available on Mechanical Bull.